The hall and field are available for booking, which are based on an hourly rate (Setting up and Clearing away time also needs to be included in the booking). A £25 non-refundable deposit is required to secure any booking subject to the Terms & Conditions.


Number of Hours Public Rate Charity Rate
















All Day




£50 + £1.50pppn

£30 + £1.50pppn


1st Prestbury Scout Group, The Burgage Prestbury, GL52 3DL


1st Prestbury Scout Group referred to as 1st PSG throughout this document. The ‘hirer’ is the individual who signed the booking form. The ‘premises’ is the 1st PSG HQ building located at the address above.



Make yourself aware of the location of the manual fire siren, fire exits (which are to be kept clear of obstruction), fire evacuation point (away from HQ in the grassy area), fire extinguishers and Carbon Monoxide (CO) detectors.

In the event of a fire, please call the national number ‘999’. After the safe evacuation of the building, and once the emergency services have been called, please contact the following number 01242 252210 informing the 1st PSG HQ Bookings Secretary of the event.


The hirer must report all accidents involving injury to the public as soon as possible. An accident report form (to be found in the kitchen of the premises) must be completed and passed to a 1st PSG exec member.


The charge for the hire of HQ is on an hourly rate for the Session. Setting up/putting away time will be included in the hire time.

For non regular (one off) bookings, a deposit of £25 is required at the time of booking. This is returnable upon conclusion of the hire period, after a representative of 1st PSG has checked that all conditions have been met.

All hire charges must be paid before the commencement of the booking and collection of the keys.


1st PSG reserves the right to give notice that specific hire dates otherwise considered booked will not be available in order to accommodate scouting activities or other special requirements of other hirers from time to time. If so, reasonable notice will be given – except in emergency situations.

The hirer may give notice that no hire is required for specific dates within the continuance. The booking deposit is non returnable.

Insurance and License cover

1st PSG holds Public Liability Insurance cover for itself. Users are required to take reasonable care to ensure no accidents occur within the site boundaries. It is advised that users of 1stPSG HQ must hold their own public and personal liability insurance.

The hirer will indemnify 1st PSG for the cost of repair of any damage done to any part of the building or to any contents in or around the building, which may occur during the period of hire, as a result of the hiring, e.g. the hirer is responsible for breakages to any of the building’s furniture. Breakages must be reported and you may be required to pay for repair or replacement items.

1st PSG does not hold licenses that permit the sale of alcohol, gambling, the broadcasting of music, nor reception of a TV signal. For any of these activities, the hirer must provide evidence of their own license to 1stPSG, before agreement can be given.

The hirer will be responsible for the security of personal effects brought onto the premises by themselves or their associates. The hirer will require insurance in place to cover such loses.

The hirer will be responsible for the supervision of the premises they have hired, the contents, their care, health and safety from damage, change or injury of any sort and the behaviour of all persons using the building whatever their capacity.

If required, the hirer will make their own risk assessment of the use of the premises. All advertising of events to be held in the premise must be approved by 1st PSG before being used.


The hirer will not sublet or use the premises for any unlawful purpose or in any unlawful way nor do anything or bring onto the premises anything that may endanger the same or invalidate any insurance policies in respect thereof.

The hirer will not make any alterations, or additions to the premises. No fixtures are to be installed or taken away. The use of fireworks is prohibited. No drugs will be brought onto the premises.

Hirers are not permitted to enter or exit the scout field on foot via the five bar gate.

Kitchen Use

1st PSG takes no responsibility for any adverse infections, illness, reactions or such like during the preparation, serving or consumption of any food products. The fridge will be emptied and wiped clean after use.

No animals will be allowed into the kitchen.


Entry to the scout field will only be via the pedestrian gate on The Burgage. Vehicle access to the field is only available by special arrangements.

Entry keys are for the use of the hirer only they must not be passed on nor copies made. The hirer must be present during the agreed period of occupancy. Responsibility cannot be transferred to another person.


Please respect the neighbourhood and our neighbours.

Please be quiet on leaving the building.

End of hire period

Before leaving the premises, the hirer will ensure:

  • All doors and windows are locked.
  • Everything is left in a clean and tidy condition.
  • All chairs and tables are put away.
  • Any cutlery and crockery used has been washed up, dried and put away.
  • All rubbish has been taken off the premises (there is no on-site collection). Please dispose of it responsibly.
  • All lights, taps and appliances have been turned off.
  • All toilets have been flushed.
  • The entrance gate to the road has been shut and padlock locked.

If the premises have been occupied for longer than the agreed hire period, then an additional payment will be required.

The keys will be returned to the 1st PSG Member, or from whoever they were obtained.

The return of the deposit made at the time of booking will only take place when a representative of 1st PSG has checked that all the above mentioned conditions have been met. If they have not, some or all of the deposit will be withheld. Additional payments to cover breakages and/or other damage to the premises or its fixtures will be required.

Hirers are required to agree to the above conditions before confirmation will be given for use of the premises. Submission of a signed booking form, deposit or payment for hire is deemed by 1st PSG as acceptance of these conditions by the hirer.


To make a booking please use the contact us form selecting general enquiries and include the following details in the message:

  • If the booking is private hire / charity / scouts
  • The number of people for overnight bookings
  • If you want to hire any equipment
  • Arrival, Date and Time (Setting up time to be included)
  • Departure, Date and Time (Clearing away time to be included)
  • Contact Details

We apologise for the booking procedure as we are currently upgrading the website.